Important Update! We're thrilled to announce that APILEAP has now been integrated into the screenshotlayer API.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cache screenshots?

Yes, a cached version of a screenshot is returned by an API call with the exact same parameters. By default, screenshots are stored in cache for 1 week. You can use the fresh parameter to get a fresh new screenshot and the ttl parameter to control how long the screenshot should be kept in cache.

Do cached screenshots count in my monthly credit?

No, screenshots returned from cache don't count in your monthly credit.

How do you store my billing information?

All billing information, including credit card data is stored and secured by We don't store any billing information ourselves and credit card data never transit through our servers.

Do you send alert emails when i'm about to run out of credit?

Yes, we will send you an alert email when you used 80% of your allowed monthly credit.

What happens if I run out of credit?

The API will return an HTTP error code 402.